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John Willding is an attorney in Dallas, Texas specializing in corporate mergers and acquisitions. He believes in creating an extensive network of professional relationships by being his authentic self.

John Willding

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An Interview With John Willding: Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney

Deriving as much joy from a career after twenty years as when you first began is a rare blessing. For John Willding, it sums up the last two decades of his life.

Openness, Honesty, and the Importance of a Solid Work Ethic

Growing up in Dallas, TX, John Willding has not only watched the city grow, he has helped it become the home for many internationally recognized companies.

John Willding Discusses Driving Factors in the M&A Market

John Willding, a Mergers & Acquisitions Attorney from Dallas, Texas, understands that a variety of factors drive the M&A Market including the desire to expand.